Investment Philosophy, Process and Portfolio Construction

We believe it is indeed possible to provide investors returns that beat benchmarks with reasonable volatility and without excessive fees. The ‘twin pillars’ of our approach consists of the following core elements:

  • Active Asset Allocation: Despite recent skepticism, we believe active management is the best way to navigate markets. We start with an optimized allocation of low-cost ETFs, which adapts to current market conditions (please see our white paper on, ‘Adaptive Asset Allocation’). This includes using cash tactically in an attempt to sidestep market downturns. This provides clients a nimble, cost-effective and risk-managed investment portfolio.
  • Strategic Use of Alternatives: Alternative investment vehicles can provide lower correlated return streams, which have historically improved portfolio performance while reducing overall portfolio risk. The alternatives component of our portfolio serves as a natural complement to the active allocation of low-cost, liquid, investment products.

Put simply, what you own—and when you own it—matters.

We combine nimble active management with the strategic use of alternatives


Real Estate Development and Tax Exchange Products


Private Equity

* Generally available to clients with over $5 million in assets with NexBank Wealth Advisors